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HTML5 has definitely become a trend alongside its lil’ brother CSS3 because of their functions and utilities which makes them the next best thing in web design. Better even than Flash, maybe, in some situations.

We need to move on and start using CSS3 and HTML5 today. The community will become a much more exciting and innovative playground, which in turn will improve experiences for as well as draw in more users to this dynamic new Web, which in turn will attract more clientele — effectively expanding the market.

The idea behind HTML5 is that it’s not one large entity, but rather made up of smaller parts that work together to create something innovative and advanced.

Why Use It

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    HTML5 will load much quicker than its older brother because it implements WebSockets.

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    Mobile phone applications will be much more accessible if written in HTML5 because you will not have to write applications for a specific brand of phone but rather can create universal applications for all phones.

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    This language is growing and will only result in more, new, better and faster features that will leave old websites looking outdated.

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    HTML5 and CSS3 together will give you some serious designer credibility.

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